latihan 10

  1. Freind A : The phone is ringing, but my hands are full. Would/Could/Will/Can you please answer the phone for me?
    Freind B : of course
    Freind A : Thank you
    Freind B : No problem
  2. Roommate A : I’m trying to study, but the radio is too load. Would/Could/Will/Can you please turn it down?
    Roommate B : ooh, ok
    Roommate A : thank you, Sorry for that.
    Roommate B : That’s okay. No problem
  3. Sister : I’m trying to listen to the news on television, but I can’t hear it. Would/Could/Will/Can you please turn the volume up
    Brother : ok
    Sister : thank you
    Brother : Don’t mention it
  4. Husband : Honey, I’m out of razor blades. When you go to the store, Would/Could/Will/Can you please pick some up?
    Wife : ok
    husband : Thank you
    Wife : Anything else?




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