Tugas : Latihan 9

7. you wat to borrow something that a classmate has.
Student A : May/Could/Can I (please) borrow your pen?
Student B : Of course
Student A : thank you

8. You at a restaurant. (…) is your waiter/waiters. You ave finished you meal.
You want the check.
Me : May/Could/Can I (please) see the bill
Waiter : Of yes sir, here,,
Me : Thanks

9. Your are at (…)’s house. You want to use the phone.
Me : Andy May/Could/Can I use  your phone ?
Andy : Of course please,,
Me : Thanks

10. (…) is carrying some heavy packages. What are you going to say to him/he
Me : hai james.. May/Could/Can I help you to carrying that?
James : oh ok,, thanks
Me : it’s ok, no problem

11. You are speaking to one of your teachers. You want to leave class early today
Me : Excuse me Sir,, May/Could/Can I leave class early today, because I got cold Sir.
Teacher : oh.. please
Me : Thank you Sir

12. You are in store. your bill is (a certain amount of money). You have only ( a lesser amount of money ). What are you going to say to your freind?
Me : Astagfirrullah.. I’ve no enough money to pay this book, Andy May/Could/Can I borrow some money from you? I will give it back tomorow
Andy : oh ok,, ten thousand is enough?
Me : That’s is enough, Thanks
Andy : it’s ok


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